Taxi for Two is closing down

Taxi for Two will be closing down on the 1st September 2016.  We want to thank everyone that’s used the service over the last four and a half years – we hope you found it useful and got to meet some interesting people through your taxi sharing adventures!

Unfortunately, we simply haven’t been able to scale the service as we’d have liked.  Taxi sharing is completely dependent on having a critical mass of people looking to make journeys from and to similar locations, in a very small time window.  People take taxis for convenience – having to wait any more than 5 or 10 minutes from your preferred time in order to share a taxi isn’t really a compromise many people are prepared to make.  And without that critical mass at a hyper local level, we’ve not been able to deliver the convenience that people demand.

It’s interesting to see that many of the taxi sharing websites and apps that appeared over recent years have also closed down.  It’s a common challenge that no-one really appears to have cracked yet.  We wish the rest of the industry luck – we’ll be watching with interest to see if anyone can finally make taxi sharing work!

All the best

Garry & Nick